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グリーンランド T
Greenland T
グリーンランド T
Greenland T

This is the one, The REBEL-“T”


On request from customers that wanted a bigger cockpit rim on the Greenland-ILAGA. And for those how wanted a kayak for little more extended weekend trips, The T-model was designed. The intension from me as a builder was to keep the volume down. This when you will lose the “Greenland feeling” in a regular touring kayak. -Even if you tried to make it look like one.


The T- model is therefore a slightly increased ILAGA ( 4% ), to give the volume and space to suit the bigger cockpit better, but with the same length. 5,45m

Same classic lines, with the hard chin al the way along the V-bottomed hull. A deck that is still low enough so you have contact when you needed. The low back deck for easy laid back rolls, and not to much volume under the front deck to help you on the forward rolls. The rocker is for easy maneuvers, The upgrade we now done is one more cord on the rear deck to store a storm or a spare paddle, The same laminated backrest that connects the seat with the top of the back rim as on the ILAGA. Also here done to ease for the layback rolls. This backrest is possible to fold over so you can put some small stuff behind. But if it not fits you ergonomically it is easy to remove and replace with a more standard one. So the lay out for the deck is the same as on the Ilaga except for a 15cm day-hatch, And yes, the steel rods are there behind the rim for looking the kayak on a roof rack or for toeing. We also reduced the weight by using high quality materials and epoxi.



Length: 545cm ( 17`10”)

Beam: 52cm

Weight: 16kg(Carbon material)

Cockpit: 83*45cm ( 32 ¾” * 17 ¾”)

Capacity: 130kg approx.

Round front hatch 24cm ( 10”)

Oval rear hatch 44*26cm ( 17”*10 ¼”)

Round day-hatch 15cm ( 6”)

REBEL Greenland T

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