Green Land Style / REBEL Kayaks

ILAGA (prototype)
ILAGA (prototype)
ILAGA (prototype)
ILAGA (prototype)


The kayak you should, or have to try, if you are in to Greenland style of paddling and rolling!!

This is also the kayak that started as a small project in the workshop, using the experience I made earlier by building a couple of Greenland style kayaks. Nobody, including myself, could not at that time understand, or dream about the response it would bring, -That it is one of the most recognized kayak on the market today!

Classic lines, with a hard chin al the way along the V-bottomed hull. A deck that is low so you have contact when you need. The low back deck for easy laid back rolls, and not so much volume under the front deck to help you on the forward rolls. The rocker is for easy maneuvers, and not too many cords on deck. The upgrade we now done on deck is two more cords. One cord on the rear deck, and one more at the bow. This so you will have more places for a storm or spare paddle. Another upgrade is the laminated backrest that connects the seat with the top of the back rim. This is done to ease for layback rolls. It is also possible to fold over and put some small stuff behind. But if it not fits you ergonomically it is easy to remove and replace with a more standard one. This idea we got from a friend (Gregg Schwarts -AUS) The skegg box is now also laminated as an integrated part of the hull to avoid leak. And yes, the steel rods are there behind the rim for looking the kayak on a roof rack or for toeing. We also reduced the weight by using high quality materials and epoxi.


- ILAGA means “friend”, and you should be as picky when chousing a kayak, as you are when you picking your friends!


Length: 545cm ( 17`10”)

Beam 50cm ( 19 ¾”)

Weight 17kg

Cockpit: 57*40cm ( 22 ½” * 15 ¾”)

Capacity: 100kg approx.

Round front and rear hatch 24cm ( 10”)


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